What We Want From the “Twilight Zone” Movie


It was announced yesterday that Warner Bros. and Leonardo Dicarpio’s Appain Way had signed Rand Ravich to write the script for their planned Twilight Zone movie. Ravich, best known for the script of 1999’s The Astronaut’s Wife,has some sci-fi cred, but as fans of the show, we’re nervous. Though it hasn’t been announced yet what direction the film will take —recreations of classic episodes ala the 1983 Twilight Zone: The Movie, or a completely new storyline — but if it does go the route of the ’83 movie, we have some suggestions for some of our favorite Twilight Zone episodes that could be awesome if done well.

“To Serve Man” – Everyone pretty much knows the twist by now, but doesn’t that alone testify to how good this episode was?

“It’s a Good Life” – This episode single-handedly made us afraid of ever having children. It also takes what has become a trope of sci fi — the kid with special powers who is traumatized/afraid of them — and flips it on its head. Got to love that.

“Time Enough at Last” – Without question, or absolute favorite TZ episode, bar none. This one too has become iconic, and might actually be stronger for it — now we would get the tension of waiting for the final moment to happen. Of course, it could never be the same without the incomparable Burgess Meredith as our favorite bookworm, but we would love to see it on the big screen, nonetheless.

“Kick the Can” – It made an appearance in the 1983 film, but we just can’t resist including it. In a world where youth is more and more an obsession, the idea behind this episode could be even more poignant now than it was all those years ago.

“The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” – There may not be a more fitting TZ episode for our times, and there’s a lot to work with in terms of plot. It’s all about a group of neighbors who discover that aliens are coming to invade. Things start going haywire, tensions mount, and suspicions about an alien family posing as humans send allegations flying everywhere. We won’t ruin the ending if you haven’t seen this one, but trust us, it’s very pertinent.