Spotted: Gossip Girl Season Three Filming on Prince Street


Yesterday, it started with a tweet. “Gossip Girl is filming a scene in our store this afternoon. It’s fun to watch people pretend to care about books,” chirped @mcnallyjackson, the famous New York City bookstore. Within minutes we had rounded up a camera and were out the door, walking down Broadway towards Prince, keeping our eyes peeled for the throngs of teenage girls. We got to Prince, and there they were. So close!

A henchman told us the street was closed, and undeterred, we walked down to Spring and circled around. There they were again! In front of the bookstore we saw Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina and Leighton Meester as Blair, the two of whom were, when we last left them, set to be roommates at NYU. (We seem to remember Georgina saying something about “the bitch is back”?) Perhaps they were filming a scene involving…buying books for school? How pedestrian. We think the source of conflict must have something to do with the hot pink fliers Georgina is wielding. We’ve seen the Mean Girls burn book scene enough times to know that fliers and teenage girls can only mean one thing: revenge via Kinko’s.

As we watched, henchmen kept telling us to be quiet, threatening that if we didn’t stay in line, they’d never shoot the show outside again, ever. And deprive us of this visceral thrill? Follow the jump for our far-away (but totally legit) pics.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Leighton Meester