Download the First Song from David Byrne and St. Vincent’s Collaborative Album


In what might be the greatest collaboration since he joined forces with Brian Eno, David Byrne and St. Vincent have teamed up to make Love This Giant. In addition to the 12-song album due out September 11th via 4AD/Todo Mundo, the pair will tour the US and Canada for a few weeks following its release. But wait, there’s even more reason to dance at your desk about this news, because Byrne and St. Vincent have also made the first track from the record available for free download at the project’s website (where you can find out whether they’ll be playing your city). As you might expect from these two, “Who” is an energetic, horn-driven song that features both vocalists and includes some moments that faintly evoke South Asian music. If this is any indication of how fun the album — not to mention the live shows — will be, we may have a new #1 most anticipated release of 2012. [via Gorilla vs. Bear]