Of Course You Can Be the Horse’s Head in ‘Godfather’ Monopoly


We’re no stranger to pop culture-inspired takes on Monopoly; we’ve previously lusted after versions of the classic board game that nod at Game of Thrones , The Princess Bride , and The Big Lebowski . The major difference with The Godfather Monopoly? You’ll actually be able to buy this collector’s edition — which is being released to mark the 40th anniversary of the film — in specialty stores.

According to The Wrap, property names like Boardwalk and Park Place have been swapped for film locations like Moe Green’s Casino and the Corleone Long Island home; you draw “Friends” and “Enemies” cards (instead of “Chance” and “Community”); players “align with particular families”; and houses and hotels have become “hideouts” and “compounds.” And of course the playing pieces have a similar mafioso twist. We’re curious: Would you rather be the olive oil or a dead fish?