Introducing: Heard In the Crowd


Every night you’re out there — hitting up a gallery opening, first in line at the movies, fighting the crowd at a sold-out concert — and then you hear it: someone in the crowd says something that makes your jaw drop.

The best way to cope is by sharing your pain publicly through Heard In the Crowd.

Every Monday Flavorwire will post our favorite overheard bits of conversation submitted by readers to — from the extremely hilarious to the undeniably juicy — and invite you to judge perfect strangers.

Nothing is out of bounds but the totally boring.

After the jump, our special CMJ 2008 edition.

Guy from Indie Rock Band You’ve Heard of: I’m moving to Pittsburgh. Other guy (with snark): Oh, Indie-Rock-Mecca Pittsburgh? Guy from IRBYHO: No, dude. Pittsburgh.