Will ‘Bored to Death’ Return as a Movie?


Today in brilliant-but-canceled TV series that, like under-appreciated phoenixes, may rise from the ashes: A Bored to Death movie might happen! As those who have followed Flavorpill’s obsession with this show will remember, we were devastated when HBO nixed a fourth season back in December. But a French journalist reports that Ted Danson told him a 90-minute film is in the works for the network, and HBO acknowledges that there have “been some conversations,” although the project is “at a very early stage.” In fact, a one-off feature may be the best way to end the show — as Jason Schwartzman told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week, “the fourth season, from everything I knew, was the most almost cinematic one, it was the least like a TV show in that really was much more sprawling and intricate.” Honestly, we’re a bit surprised that HBO is entertaining this idea, considering that Bored to Death was drawing only 240,000 viewers in its final season, but we’re certainly not going to argue with them about it. [via Splitsider]