Exclusive: Flavorpill Meets Michael Ian Black


When we heard that Michael Ian Black was doing video interviews to promote his new Comedy Central show Michael and Michael Have Issues and an interesting new live ad campaign for Klondike, we were intrigued. When we found out the whole thing was being video taped (ie., no editing our side of the conversation to sound whip smart), we braced ourselves for the inevitable embarrassment, hit up @flavorpill‘s followers on Twitter for question ideas, and picked up the phone.

Little did we know, we’d be called out on our lack of knowledge of The State, a TV series that we’re giving away on this very site. (We will watch the entire boxset now. We promise.) Warning: This has a few awkward moments. It also makes us feel like someone on laughing gas who phoned in questions to Dr. Phil — if Dr. Phil was as funny as Michael Ian Black. Oh well.