15 Summer Road Trip Essentials


As you and your friends hit the road this summer — whether it’s a cross-country journey or just a jaunt across the county — make sure you’re fully prepped. Pack these road trip essentials, and be sure to stock up on and share Red Bull Multipacks. After all, the driver isn’t the only one who needs energy; how will the backseat crew win road trip bingo if they’re all asleep?

WWII Era Canvas and Leather Carryall from Forestbound

The perfect bag for making an impromptu weekend getaway with your friends look effortless. Plus, it’s roomy enough to fit some of their stuff too!

This American Life: Stories of Hope & Fear from Amazon

Because eventually everyone runs out of interesting conversation.

Reusable To Go Lunch Cup from Fred Flare

What’s a road trip without some homemade snacks to share?

The Roadtrip Video Recorder from Hammacher Schlemmer

If it’s all about the journey, then you’ll want to be sure to document every mile of the experience.

Pets Rock Air Fresheners from NPW

These say to you friends: Yes, I know my car smells, but at least I have a sense of humor about it.

Zombie Sleep Mask from Neatoshop

Your closest buds know what happens when you don’t get your beauty rest…

On The Road Travel Pouch from Boing Boing Shop

Because clearly you guys are in for a Dean and Sal-style great adventure.

USA Scratch Map from Uncommon Goods

This is what you give that person in your circle who always asks “are we there yet?”

Crumpled City Maps from Palomar

Because we’re physically incapable of folding a map, and maybe your entire posse is too.

Mobile Foodie Survival Kit from Flight 001

For those road-side restaurants that don’t believe in proper seasoning. Your friends will thank you.

iPad Car Headrest Mount from The Wallee

This makes it so much easier to share the iPad wealth with your backseat buddies.

Roadtrip Bingo from Barnes & Noble

Do we really need to explain the magic of bingo?

Portable USB Phone Charger Charge and Go with Keychain from Amazon

Every group has that one person who never remembers their charger. Now it’s no biggie.

Bobino Small from Kikkerland Design

Packed in like sardines? This colorful little guy will keep your ear buds from getting all tangled up with everyone else’s stuff.

Volcom Fooled You Beach Cooler Bag from PacSun

Everyone knows that the person who brings the cooler is always the most popular — especially when it’s a top-secret cooler!