Yes, There’s Really a Credit Card with Karl Marx’s Face on It


Ever wish you could simultaneously condemn capitalism and indulge in its greatest pleasures? Well, if you’re in eastern Germany, you’re in luck — you can trade in your credit card for one bearing a bronze bust of Karl Marx. Sparkasse bank in the former socialist stronghold Chemnitz is offering its customers this design, and over a third of them have chosen it. Reuters cites the popularity of the Marx credit card as a sign of the region’s nostalgia for socialism, quoting a bank spokesman who reports, “We’ve even received inquiries from clients in western German states asking whether they could open a local account with us to get a card bearing Marx’s features.” We don’t know enough about the German political climate to argue either way, but we wouldn’t rule out the possibility that at least some of the, um, credit card-carrying Marxists out there merely appreciate the obvious irony here. [via Dangerous Minds]