Science Fiction Films Cleverly Reimagined as Pulp Classics


Thanks to the eagle-eyed editors over at Poster Collective, we’ve been turned on to the work of Tim Anderson, a concept designer for Electronic Arts in Salt Lake City. In particular, we’re excited by his series of illustrated movie posters for science fiction films that have been reimagined as pulp novels, a personal side project that he hoped would push him “into thinking more graphically.” Click through to check out the trio of prints that Anderson has completed so far (which are available for purchase here), and stay tuned for more work in the fantastic series. We’re curious: What film would you like to see him tackle next?

“Here’s The Matrix as it would have appeared as a ’60s pulp sci-fi novel,” he writes on his website. “I really love the aesthetics and cheesy taglines of those old covers.” Indeed.

“I was inspired by the detective pulp covers of Robert McGinnis,” Anderson explains here. “If ever there was a sci-fi movie that lent itself well to a detective pulp cover, it’s Blade Runner.” Note the price tag on this one.

Someone is obviously a huge Ridley Scott fan. It’s lovely, but we’re not sure how Ellen Ripley would feel about being portrayed as a damsel in distress.