The Most Literary Rap Song You Will Ever Hear


Hip-hop is — and probably forever will be — associated with lyrics about girls, cars, and money, and though there’s obviously a good reason for that, we’ve just learned that at least somebody is rapping about one of our very favorite subjects: that’s right, books. Musician and comedian DeStorm, whose previous video recreating nine movies in one take we featured last year, encourages his fans and commenters to set him challenges on his YouTube channel, so when the rapper’s fans implored him to write a song using book titles, he stepped up to the plate.

In the intro to the resulting video, he shrugs, “I didn’t know all you fools read books — but apparently you do. So let’s see how I did.” And he did pretty darn well, in our estimation — the song is clever, catchy, and filled with bookish puns like “Choose my own adventure, never scared, man, Oliver Twist!” It’s enough to make any book nerd into a hip-hop convert. You’re welcome.