Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon Releasing Album With Yoko Ono


Back in October, when the awful news broke that Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon were splitting up, we had tons of questions: Was Sonic Youth finished, too? Would we ever hear these two phenomenally simpatico musicians play together again? Is love nothing more than an occasionally multi-decade illusion that we should all give up on right this minute?

Well, while we can’t resolve that last one for you, we do have something promising to report on the musical front: Moore and Gordon are collaborating with none other than Yoko Ono on a six-song album called YOKOKIMTHURSTON that’s due out September 25th via Chimera Music. The announcement comes just a few weeks after the trio released “Early in the Morning,” a charity single benefiting Japan’s Ashinaga Tohoku Rainbow House, a shelter for tsunami victims, which you can buy here. Now, what this means for Sonic Youth is anyone’s guess, but it’s still nice to see Gordon and Moore’s names together, isn’t it? [via Pitchfork]