Charming Comics-Inspired Nail Art


In some ways, comic books would seem to be an unlikely subject for nail art — the comics world has a reputation for being nerdy and male-dominated, while nail art is among the girliest of concerns. But this is the 21st century, when everyone reads comics (and gets excited for superhero movies) and even geeks are getting into the nail art craze, the juxtaposition has actually become quite common. In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the most fun and skillful examples we could find, from Marvel and DC superheroes to Sunday funny pages favorites to indie comics with cult followings. Let us know in the comments whether you’ll be trying the sequined Avengers, the stylishly matte Tank Girl, or a different comic-book manicure of your very own.

Ghost World [via]

Marvel Comics [via]

Tank Girl [via]

Batman [via]

Calvin and Hobbes [via]

Scott Pilgrim [via]

Catwoman [via]

Peanuts [via]

V for Vendetta [via]

Life in Hell [via]

Garfield [via]

Green Arrow [via]

The Walking Dead [via]

Superman [via]

Archie Comics [via]

The Avengers [via]

Rage Comics [via]

Superheroines (Mystique, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Catwoman, Spiderwoman, Wonder Woman) [via]

Watchmen [via]