Rumors Abound: The Pre Comic-Con Roundup


San Diego Comic-Con — the world’s largest comic book convention and one of the only places where a homemade superhero costume will help you fit in — opens tonight. A lot of people have been making a big to-do about the fact that there will be girls there. Others have made a to-do about the to-do. We don’t really know what to think, but we’re already tired of hearing about New Moon.

If you want to know exactly which movies and TV shows will be making a showing at the event (hint: it’s all of them) USA Today, FirstShowing, MTV, UGO, BuddyTV , and Dread Central all want to tell you about it. There’s also a site devoted entirely to San Diego Comic Con 2009 Announcements and Rumors.

Film School Rejects bring you The 14 Must See Movie Events of Comic-Con 2009.

In a random aside, Danny DeVito will use the event to debut a website featuring short horror films.

Videogamer was invited to see a “new project” from Microsoft at the Con. We feel left out.

TV Squad thinks George Lucas might talk about a Star Wars TV series.

Flixster just tweeted that Seth Rogen will unveil Green Hornets car tonight. 397 Comic-Con-related tweets happened while we typed that.

Here’s an app that gives you the “unofficial” Comic-Con schedule, constantly updated on your phone. And some guides to Comic-Con for gamers, girls and geeks.

Oh, and for a little comic related news (did you notice we didn’t mention one comic up there?) here’s an interview with the great Grant Morrison. He’s the graphic novelist behind All-Star Superman, Batman R.I.P., Final Crisis, The Invisibles, The Filth, and We3.