Listen to a Remix of M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls,” Featuring Missy Elliott and Rye Rye


We were big fans of “Bad Girls,” M.I.A.’s stomping anthem for the ladies, when the single surfaced back in January, but the addition of verses from Missy Elliott and Rye Rye in a new remix from Switch takes it to an entirely different level of awesome. It’s so good! Give the track a listen here, and if you’re as impressed as we are (and have $50 to burn!), you might want to consider throwing down for one of the crazy, gold-plated USB drive necklaces that Maya’s hawking on her website that feature a trio of “Bad Girls” remixes, an exclusive Gif, and rare behind-the-scenes photos from the music video shoot. Or you could just listen to the song on repeat while you patiently wait for her fourth full-length LP, which is what we plan to do. [via Pitchfork]