Five Ways to Shop Your Happiness Over Bond’s Box Office Success


This weekend Marc Forster’s Quantum of Solace raked in $70.4m at the box office, achieving the highest opening of any Bond film — or espionage drama, for that matter — in history.

Pretty crazy stuff when you take into account the fact that we’re in the midst of an economic crisis and a night at the movies costs almost as much as going out on a shaken martini bender.

Obviously when it comes to 007, money is no object for a true fan. That’s why after the jump we’ve scoured eBay to find five of the coolest (or funniest) pieces of memorabilia currently on the market — consider these must-haves for every Bond girl and boy.

1. James Bond 1965 Secret Agent Attache Case A code-o-matic device, fake money and a hidden knife — they might not have been safe, but this is proof that toys were so much more inspiring back in the day.

2. James Bond Vintage Lunch Box Remember how your mom never let you get the cool lunch box when you were a kid? Show her — and your coworkers — who’s the boss of you now.

3. British Quad 1962 Original James Bond Dr. No Movie Poster Agent 007 made his big screen debut in this 1962 hit making this hot little poster a cool collector’s item.

4. Sean Connery 1960s James Bond Puppet Now you can have a funny visual aid for your bad Will Ferrell as Sean Connery impersonations. Is it just us or does he kind of look like Richard Nixon?

5. James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace Tuxedo Just to be clear, Daniel Craig didn’t wear this tux, some extra playing a background musician in the movie did. As far as we can tell, the ID is just to prove that it’s real and not included with the get up.