12 Beach Day Essentials


The only thing worse than sand in your suit is hitting the beach unprepared. If you’re planning to hop in the car, head for the coast, and catch a little surf this weekend, pack these shareable beach day essentials, and you and your friends will have a blast. Make sure to stock your stylish new cooler with Red Bull Multipacks to keep your whole crew’s energy up. Turn your beach day into an epic beach night.

Zebra hide beach towel and leather holster from TENOVERSIX

Have the snazziest towel on the beach. Extra bonus: it comes with its own handy leather holster.

Arcadia by Lauren Groff and Pulphead by John Jeremiah Sullivan

Don’t succumb to a bland beach read. Pack a highbrow book that transitions perfectly from bedside table to beach and back again.

Battery-operated Magno Wooden Radio from A + R

Bring along this nifty wooden radio for beach-y barefoot dance-a-thons.

Karen Walker Vava Sunglasses from TENOVERSIX

As any seasoned beach-goer knows, it’s all about the shades. Rock these bunny sunnies all season long.

Handmade beach racquets from ArteMare

After you’ve caught some rays, read your book, paddled in the ocean, you’re ready for an action-packed game of surfside racquetball. Be the envy of the beach with these hand-crafted paddles that come in their own canvas drawstring backpack.

Neoprene beret from Summer Bummer

Channel your inner Max Fischer in this waterproof beret.

Handmade kite from Daniel Frost

Put all of those tacky, neon kites to shame with this quirky, hand-illustrated kite.

Bodum Fyrkat Mini Charcoal Grill from connox

The cutest mini travel grill we’ve ever seen. Perfect for cooking up a quick beach hot dog.

Urchin beach tote from Mollusk Surf Shop

Tote all of the above in style with contemporary artist Charlie Callahan’s “ode to his choice emblem, the urchin.”

Korres Watermelon Sunscreen Stick from Amazon

The best-smelling sunscreen you will ever use.

Pacific Ocean Vial Necklace from Summer Bummer

Represent your inner beach bum with a vial of salty sea water. Wear year round for eternal beach vibes.

Board bag from Summer Bummer

Tote your board in style with this hand screened bag by Alexandra Cassaniti. Complete with velcro pockets to stash your suit and wax!