Grow Your Own Architecture: Unusual Structures Made Out of Trees


Today would be the 160th birthday of our favorite nature-loving Spanish Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí. His appreciation and love of nature is often credited to the sun-drenched summers he spent as a child in the Tarragona province of Spain, an idyllic landscape known for hazelnuts, olive oil, and a raucous festival featuring human castles and bestiary.

In honor of Gaudí’s greatest achievement, the mind-blowing Sagrada Família in Barcelona whose stunning nave is without a doubt the most beautiful architectural and artistic representation of a tree ever created, we’ve taken a look at some of today’s most inspired contemporary living designs. From nest houses to cherry blossom retreats, click through to check out the very best of architecture you can grow.

The Patient Gardener Study Retreat by VISIONDIVISION — Milan, Italy

Image credit: Architizer

Appropriately named, this two-story study retreat grown out of 10 intertwined Japanese cherry blossom trees will be fully formed in about 60 years.

The Nest Houses by Patrick Dougherty — New Harmony, Indiana

Image credit: stickwork

Live in a giant nest designed by sticks works pioneer James Dougherty.

Asakusa Tree by RAA Architects — Tokyo, Japan

Image credit: Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects via designboom

A living façade proposed for the entrance to Sosenji-Temple, a popular tourist destination in Tokyo. Each floor “is supported by spiraled pillars that grow like a vine,” and the building itself runs off of natural energy from the sun, wind, and rain.

Ground Beneath by Jaakko Pernu — Nallikari, Oulu

Image credit: Wall-Mag

The ultimate open-air pavilion cum treehouse that offers hours of climbing fun.

Ficus House — Okinawa, Japan

Image credit: Arborsmithing

Inspired by the great arborsmith and creator of the tree circus, Axel Erlandson, this fast-growing ficus treehouse is something you can literally plant and watch grow.

Tree Home by RAA — Osaka, Japan

Image credit: iGreenspot

An open-air home inspired by a tree.

Fab Tree Hab by Mitchell Joachim and Javier Arbona

Image credit: Popular Science via Edward Cotton

Architects Mitchell Joachim and Javier Arbona, along with environmental engineer Lara Greden, have “designed a house that will grow from a few seedlings into a two-story, water-recycling, energy-efficient abode.” Fab tree hab indeed.

Botany Buildings by Oliver Storz, Ferdinand Ludwig and Hannes Schwertfeger

Image credit: inhabitat

In time, this clever arbo-architecture is designed to support itself. Why cut down trees for timber when you can just plant them for solid, living structural support?

Baubotanical Tower by Ferdinand Ludwig — Neue Kunst am Ried, Germany

Image credit: Ferdinand Ludwig

This gorgeous lookout tower naturally changes form with the seasons.

Chopstick Concession Stand and Swingset by VISIONDIVISION — Indianapolis, Indiana


Taking cues from a simple wooden chopstick, this snack stand swing hybrid is built out of one single log (aka a “chopstick”).