An A-Z Guide to the Chilled Out Bohemian Home


Summer is officially here and the inevitable lazy, chill vibes have descended on our otherwise high octane city, leaving sundress and cut-off clad locals to wander idly, daydreaming about languidly lounging under an umbrella by the sea with pen in hand, making art in a grassy meadow or sowing seeds in a secret garden. In considering adopting a groovy, free-spirited lifestyle year round, we thought we’d take a look at the makings of the bohemian home to bring our bucolic fantasy to life.

The Westminster Review, a liberal journal published in the 19th century, reported that “a Bohemian is simply an artist or “littérateur” who, consciously or unconsciously, secedes from conventionality in life and in art.” Maybe you don’t need the summer sun to reignite your inner beatnik, but, if — like us — your fervent flower child has been re-awakened, here’s our primer on outfitting your space to match your mood ring. From Boucherouite rag rugs to Handira wedding blankets, click through to check out our roundup of bohemian home essentials.

Altar decor

Image credit: deviant art

Boucherouite rag rugs

Image credit: BANQUET atelier & workshop

Celestial roller blinds

Image credit: Bohemian Homes

Dome dwellings

Image credit: Bohemian Homes

Eames lounge chairs

Image credit: Fuck Yeah Eames Chair


Image credit: A Well Traveled Woman

Grass roofs

Image credit: Bohemian Homes

Handira wedding blankets

Image credit: Moon to Moon

Indigo accents

Image credit: Old Chum


Image credit: Pear Tree


Image credit: string gardens

Little vessels

Image credit: Moon to Moon

Moon lamps

Image credit: in-es.artdesign

Nature everywhere

Image credit: monofobia

Open-air rooms

Image credit: Moon to Moon

Peacock chairs

Image credit: sketch – The Glade

Quilts from India

Image credit: Sparrow & CO.

Rainbow wall art and records

Image credit: Bohemian Treehouse; Bohemian Homes

Silver and brass lassi mugs

Image credit: NOSTALGI

Teak beds

Image credit: Moon to Moon

Uzbek Suzani throws

Image credit: Bukhara-Carpets

Vintage kitchen ranges

Image credit: Bohemian Homes

Window cacti gardens

Image credit: Plant light, road bright.

Xenotime rare earth minerals

Image credit: Dakota Matrix Minerals

Yellow Flowers

Image credit: Bohemian Homes

Zanzibari beds

Image credit: Igu Ugo