Listen to a New Lady Gaga Song, “Princess Die”


Earlier this week when we heard a leaked studio version of a new Lady Gaga track called “Glitter and Grease,” we couldn’t believe how stupid the lyrics were (“He tells me that he loves me/ And even though I’m real sexy/ He loves his car, car, car/ He’s always with his car, car, car”). Last night at concert in Melbourne, she debuted “Princess Die,” a piano ballad that, while much more somber, at least displays a modicum of thought.

“This song may or may not be on my next album,” Gaga told the crowd. “I wrote it a little while ago and I’ve never ever played it for anyone. I’m going to play it because, actually, I’ve been really excited and impressed with how many super fans have been at every show. I truly feel it would be a disservice to all of you to not play it before I leave.” She also explained that the track is in no way reflective of the material on her third album. Give “Princess Die” a spin after the jump, and let us know whether or not you think that’s a good thing.

[via SHIFT]