Amanda Palmer Art by Frances Bean, Neil Gaiman, and Others


A few months ago, independent-music heroine Amanda Palmer wowed the DIY community by running a Kickstarter campaign for her new album that raised over ten times its original goal, roping in more than one-million dollars in support of the record’s promotion, marketing, and tour. Palmer was able to accomplish this in large part due to her massive online following — the singer has over 500,000 followers on Twitter alone — but also due to her multifaceted approach to presenting her work. In addition to offering the upcoming album, Theater Is Evil, in a variety of formats, rewards for her backers included everything from a limited-edition art book to a private party.

For the book, Palmer commissioned work from over two dozen artists and friends, including Cynthia von Buhler, Cassandra Long, Michael Zulli, DJ Spooky, and Frances Bean Cobain (and hubby Neil Gaiman, natch). Each was tasked with creating either a portrait of Amanda or offering their take on the title of one of her new songs. The works debuted at private art shows in Berlin and London earlier this month, and this week they travel to the US for a series of sold-out intimate exhibits and private performances with Palmer herself. Ahead of tomorrow’s Brooklyn event at Momenta Art in Bushwick, check out our exclusive gallery of pieces from the book/exhibit, then mark your calendar for the September 11 release of the album.

DJ Spooky, Portrait

Cassandra Long, Do It With a Rock Star

Cassandra Long, Portrait

Cynthia von Buehler, The Living Room

David Mack, Portrait

David Mack, The Living Room

Frances Bean Cobain, The Secrets We Hid In The Night (Portrait of Amanda)

Hans Rickheit, Berlin

Judith Clute, Portrait

Megan Howland, Portrait

Megan Howland, The Living Room

Michael Zulli, Portrait

Neil Gaiman and Kyle Cassidy, Bed Song Image 1

Nicole Duennebier, Portrait

Sarah Beetson, Lost

Tony Albert, Lost:Portrait

Tony Albert, Nothing’s Lost

Vladimir Zimikov, Trout Heart Replica

Walter Sickert, Portrait