10 Celebrities Who Might Be Real-Life Superheroes


Forget teacup poodles and ripped denim vests — there’s a new fad in Hollywood, and it’s much more exciting than any old-fashioned accessory. These days, it seems like everyone wants a piece of the superhero pie. Although, after all this Avengers hoopla, can you really blame them? Upon hearing that Jennifer Lawrence has been dubbed a “hero” after helping an unconscious stranger, we were inspired to round up some more celebrities who just might be superheroes. Check ’em out after the jump, and feel free to suggest some appropriate superhero alter egos in the comments — because, well, we can’t kick the idea that Ryan Gosling’s superhero persona should resemble an actual gosling, or perhaps our favorite Gosselin, and neither of those things are very intimidating.

Jennifer Lawrence

The newest inductee into the celebrity superhero brigade, Lawrence made headlines yesterday after a little incident involving a fainting teenager. After hearing a scream, the Hunger Games star emerged from her apartment building to find that a young girl had passed out on her front lawn. Lawrence dialed 911 and waited until an ambulance arrived, at which point paramedics treated the girl on scene and let her go home. Although Lawrence did what any responsible person would do in the same situation, we’ll still give her an A+ for being a great person. Check out photos of the rescue here.

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Kate Winslet

Just when you thought Kate Winslet was as admirable as she could get, she goes and saves a 90-year-old woman from a fire. While vacationing with 20 other guests at Richard Branson’s Caribbean home, the Oscar winner channeled her inner superhero after the estate was struck by lightning from Hurricane Irene. Realizing that Branson’s mother would be slow to escape the flames, Winslet swept up the elderly woman and carried her to safety.

Alex Trebek

In 2011, 71-year-old Alex Trebek chased down a burglar after money and a bracelet were taken from his San Francisco hotel room. Despite ripping his Achilles tendon whilst running, the Jeopardy! host still managed to stop the robber and aid in her arrest.

Patrick Dempsey

Earlier this year, Patrick Demspey did something awesome. After seeing a flipped car near his Malibu home, the Grey’s Anatomy hunk used a crowbar to pry open its door and pull the nearly unconscious teenage driver to safety. Dempsey then called 911 and paramedics airlifted the boy to a hospital nearby.

Vin Diesel

Long before Dempsey saved a teenage boy from a flipped car, Vin Diesel saved a family from a flipped car. While driving his motorcycle in 2002, the actor witnessed a car flip and immediately pulled the two children from the backseat. Right after he helped their father escape from the driver’s seat, the car burst into flames. Thanks to Vin Diesel, everyone made it out alive.

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Mila Kunis

When a man who works in Mila Kunis’ house suffered a violent seizure, the actress immediately rushed to his side and turned his head so that he wouldn’t choke while coughing up blood and vomit. The star dialed 911 and asked to ride in the ambulance with the man, but paramedics insisted it wasn’t necessary. He has since made a full recovery, thanks to Mila’s quick thinking.

Dustin Hoffman

While waking through Hyde Park earlier this year, Dustin Hoffman noticed a man “staggering and frothing at the mouth.” The young jogger’s heart had stopped, and Hoffman was there to save the the day. After calling paramedics, he waited with the man until he was transported to a hospital.

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Harrison Ford

If we were on the brink of death and Indiana Jones — or Han Solo, depending on the situation — suddenly appeared, it would probably take a lot to convince us that we hadn’t already crossed over. Harrison Ford, a licensed pilot, has the tendency to hop in his helicopter to rescue dehydrated hikers and lost Boy Scouts, airlifting them to safety.

Werner Herzog

Imagine that you’re a famous film actor who has gotten into a car accident when an even more famous filmmaker shows up to pull you out of the wreckage. You’d think you were hallucinating, right? Well, it happened to Joaquin Phoenix, who flipped his car in Los Angeles back in 2006, and only to be rescued by Werner Herzog. “There was this German voice saying ‘Just relax,'” Phoenix has described. “There’s something so calming and beautiful about Werner Herzog’s voice. I felt completely fine and safe.” Apparently Herzog, incredibly embarrassed by the whole hero thing, disappeared before he could even be properly thanked.

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Ryan Gosling

First, Ryan Gosling broke up a fight between a New York street vendor and a man who had stolen a painting. Then, he pulled a woman out of the way when a speeding cab was heading in her direction. Although the typical New York City superhero might not exist in real life, it’s nice to know that Ryan Gosling is here to keep us safe, one hip thrust at a time.