The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. According to Andrew Garfield, one of the major downsides of playing Spider-Man is having to pee while wearing the Spider-Man suit. Makes total sense to us. [via In Other News]

2. “Well, after 45 hours, my tour has sold 100K tickets, box office gross of 4.5 mil $ (not all mine). I guess it was a good idea.” — It sounds like Louis C.K.’s plan to cut out the middleman and sell directly to fans worked!

3. Next spring Alec Baldwin will star in the Broadway debut of Orphans, a play about “two orphaned brothers who live in a run-down row house in North Philadelphia.” He’ll play Harold, the rich old gangster who one of the brothers kidnaps and ultimately becomes a father figure of sorts to them both — a role tackled by Albert Finney in the film version. [via EW]

4. Listen to Lykke Li’s lovely cover of “Silver Springs” from that upcoming Fleetwood Mac tribute album, Just Tell Me That You Want Me, here. What do you think? Even better than Best Coast’s cover of “Rhiannon”?

5. Thanks to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, the Library of Congress can now afford to acquire Carl Sagan’s personal papers — a stash that reportedly filled more than 800 filing-cabinet drawers. [via ArtsBeat]

Bonus Buzz: Video Games Re-Imagined As Traditional Japanese Prints