Damon Lindelof Developing HBO Series Based on Tom Perrotta’s ‘The Leftovers’


Damon Lindelof isn’t done making theologically-minded television. Deadline reports that the former Lost showrunner, who hasn’t worked on a TV project since its conclusion two years ago, will collaborate with Election and Little Children author Tom Perrotta on an adaptation of his 2011 novel The Leftovers for HBO. The critically acclaimed book follows a town dealing with the aftermath of the Sudden Departure, a Rapture-like event that leaves its survivors grieving, grasping for meaning, and, in some cases, joining bizarre cults in attempt to come to terms with a world that has been forever changed. This has to be the thousandth literary adaptation HBO has put into development in the past year, but it also features one of the most exciting — and TV-appropriate — premises in recent memory. We’ll just cross our fingers that Lindelof — who is very capable of writing excellent television! — doesn’t feel compelled to tinker with Perrotta’s ending.