‘Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner Reveals His Favorite Scene from Season 5


In “Far Away Places,” the Season 5 episode of Mad Men that featured Roger Sterling’s first acid trip, we see the same day repeated three times, all from different points of view. Three couples have three very different fights, that are also very similar. It was admittedly one of the finest hours in a season that was packed to the gills with fantastic, dramatic TV moments. As it turns out, the resulting conversation that takes place between Roger and Jane — both lying on the floor in their bathrobes with matching towels wrapped around their heads, quietly agreeing that their relationship is over — was Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner’s favorite of the entire season.

“I found it a fascinating experience, and a great creative experience, to write that scene and that conversation,” he tells Inside TV. “I think my favorite moment is when [Jane] talks about how she did kiss somebody once, but then she didn’t tell him about it, and she was mad at him for not realizing that she’d given something up. The show sort of runs on these restrained emotions and people not saying what’s on their mind, and here is this moment where they’re saying so much that is on their mind and they’re commenting about how it’s on their mind, and they’re coming down off this drug and it’s super intimate and strangely agreeable in the middle of this relationship ending conversation.”

Are you at all surprised that this is the Season 5 moment that he singled out? Head over to Inside TV to watch the clip and read the rest of their interesting interview with Weiner.