HBO Now Available on Hulu in Japan


HBO has decided to license select series to Hulu… in Japan. While we won’t be seeing the newest eps of Game of Thrones or True Blood stateside, it could plant the seeds for future markets. (Please?!) Japan will have access to the online content starting today, featuring shows like The Sopranos and Sex and the City, with more titles on the way according to a report from Entertainment Weekly.

Right now you can purchase certain older shows on iTunes, but current programs are only available to cable subscribers (the same goes for HBO Go). The “Take My Money, HBO!” online campaign has been rallying for more accessible content distribution, but a spokesperson for the company told EW, “For now, the economics do not support a stand-alone HBO online service.”

It’s a tricky situation since they would potential lose a good chunk of revenue from their cable subscriptions if people drop their service all together. The current model feels somewhat archaic, however. Chime in with your thoughts below.