Photos of Celebrities Reading Books About Other Celebrities


When we came across this photo of Steve Martin reading about Bob Dylan, we had a serious celebs-they’re-just-like-us moment. After all, you’d think that biographies of cultural heroes are for us plebs, who would thrill at descriptions of fame, stardom, and emotional breakdowns. Okay, we’re overstating it a little, but still. Turns out, celebrities are just as fascinated with each other as we are with them — especially the rock stars — and we think it’s very enlightening to see which of our cultural icons are fascinated by which. Click through to check out our gallery of photos of celebs reading books about other celebs, and if you’ve spotted another good one, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Steve Martin reading about Bob Dylan, circa 1970. Photo via.

George Harrison also reading about Bob Dylan. Photo via.

Rupert Grint reading about Salvador Dali. Photo via.

David Bowie reading about Buster Keaton. Photo via.

Olivia Wilde reading about Keith Richards. Photo via.

Eartha Kitt reading about Albert Einstein. Photo via.

Orson Welles reading about Walt Whitman. Photo via.

These aren’t books, but we couldn’t help ourselves: The Beatles reading about Elvis and Elvis reading about The Beatles. Photos via.

Haley Webb reading about Frida Kahlo. Photo via.

Rick Ross reading about Tina Fey. Photo via.

Ingrid Bergman reading about Audrey Hepburn. Photo via.

Johnny Depp reading about the Hell’s Angels (not exactly celebrities on their own, but certainly as a group). Photo via.

Brigitte Bardot reading about Fritz Lang (in Contempt). Photo via.

Natalie Portman reading about Jean Shrimpton. Photo via.

Alfred Hitchcock eating a book about Ellen Terry. Photo via.