Of Course Skrillex Is Scoring Harmony Korine’s New Movie Starring James Franco


Well, James Franco has done it again — he’s gotten himself into a pop-culture Mad Lib of a news item, and this time it isn’t even entirely his fault. You see, Franco is set to star in the upcoming Harmony Korine comedy Spring Breakers, which also stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens (really!), because the laws of the universe pretty much dictate that the two of them had to work together sooner or later. Well, we should have realized that the headline-courting chain reaction set off when Korine and Franco and a couple of Disney starlets come together to make a movie wouldn’t stop there — because who in the world could score this movie but brostep hair icon Skrillex?

Yup, this is really happening. In an interview with Pitchfork, the film’s musical director Randall Poster explained that he didn’t know much about Skrillex until “Harmony, who I’ve worked with forever, sent me a link to some Skrillex YouTubes, and I saw one had 54 million hits — I thought he had somehow figured out a way to manipulate the numbers. And then it dawns on you: There are kids that are never going to buy a record. They’re just going to play songs on YouTube.” Because it’s a sunny, beautiful Friday and we’ve already hit you with Korine, Franco, and Skrillex, we’re not going to ruin your mood by adding any doomsday analysis to that quote. We’re just going to tell you that Spring Breakers is due out next spring and let you do with that information what you will. [via NME]