Watch Julie Klausner and Other Comedians Reveal the History of “That’s What She Said”


“That’s what she said,” that favorite quip of opportunistic amateur comedians the world over, seems like it’s been around since the dawn of time. But did you know it actually began as a statement of solidarity with the nascent women’s movement? Or that Nora Banks, the first woman to use the joke back in the late 19th century, is considered the Rosa Parks of “That’s what she said”? Or that Eleanor Roosevelt bullied her husband into entering World War II with a string of particularly brutal “That’s what she said” rejoinders? No, none of these things are true, but they are all discussed to hilarious effect in the debut episode of Jokes Through the Ages, a series on YouTube’s new Official Comedy channel, which features both original programming and classic clips of famous comedians. Allow Julie Klausner, Dave Hill, Ilana Glazer, Max Silvestri, and Dan Soder to relate the entirely untrue history of “That’s what she said,” after the jump.

[via Splitsider]