Announcing the Flavorpill 50


Today marks the launch of New York’s Flavorpill 50, a new feature here at Flavorpill homebase that allows our 50 fave venues and event producers across the NYC cultural space to share their events directly with our readers on our web turf. Check out the venue pages — including P.S. 122, the New Museum, 92Y Tribeca, and 47 others! — here. (And don’t worry non-New Yorkers, the 50 will be coming to a Flavorpill city near you in the coming months.)

Of course, Flavorpill is still curating our own selection of ace events in NYC; you’ll find those in every mailer and on the homepage (and all the extra stuff here on Flavorwire). In addition to giving more depth to that selection, our 50 partners have brought to the table something we’re particularly stoked about: giveaways, which we invite you to enter here.

This is a work in progress, so we’d love to hear your feedback — just e-mail us. While you’re at it, explore the site, leave a comment, and enter to win some free tix.