Video of the Day: Rock’s 100 Greatest Riffs Performed in One Take


If you were trying to teach a space alien (or perhaps a person who was raised in some kind of religious extremist seclusion) about rock ‘n’ roll, you might well start with the impressive video below, in which Chicago Music Exchange‘s Alex Chadwick plays the 100 most iconic riffs in chronological order, from Chet Atkins’ “Mr. Sandman” to St. Vincent’s “Cruel,” in one 12-minute take. Now, we have a few minor issues with the list: Where is David Bowie? And Joan Jett? Sleater-Kinney? Is the history of rock really this white and male? Why so many hair bands, and is Jack White really responsible for three percent of the best riffs ever? But those objections take nothing away from the fact that Chadwick is a virtuoso who does his employer proud. Other small businesses, take note: this is viral advertising done brilliantly right.

[via The Daily Swarm]