New TEDTalks-Style YouTube Channel to Feature Chats with David Byrne and More


If you’ve been enjoying the TEDTalks — like last week’s video from USC’s professor of law, psychology, and psychiatry Elyn Saks, talking about her life with schizophrenia — Deadline is reporting that you may appreciate another intelligent YouTube channel program called THNKR.

Conceived by global firm, the series will include folks like Walter Isaacson and Michael Pollan, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, and Talking Heads singer David Byrne, providing “extraordinary access to the people, stories, and ideas that are transforming our world.”

Initial installments will include “Bookd (discussions about non-fiction books), Epiphany (talks with thought leaders), Podium (explorations of public speaking), and Prodigies (looks at gifted thinkers).”

Check out a video introduction and a Prodigies episode featuring 8-year-old college student Tanishq Abraham past the break.