Amusing Drawings of America’s Founding Fathers Duking It Out


Negative space, expressive gestures, and historical icons make up New York City-based artist Jason A. MaasFounding Fathers A-Team series — a playful take on America’s early political leaders and statesmen. The graphite and mineral spirits drawings depict George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other United States trailblazers in fighting stance, fists curled and ready for action. All they need is a black GMC van to complete the look — which John Adams may be hiding somewhere in his hair.

Maas also focuses on other (serious) political themes in his work — particularly the Occupy movement — “[confronting] the current understanding of how we view journalistic images of social unrest that proliferate the media… ” See it all past the break and in an upcoming exhibit (July 11-August 11) co-curated by the artist at Lyons Wier Gallery in New York City.

Image credit: Jason A. Maas

George Washington

Image credit: Jason A. Maas

Benjamin Franklin

Image credit: Jason A. Maas

John Adams

Image credit: Jason A. Maas

Thomas Jefferson

Image credit: Jason A. Maas

Alexander Hamilton

Jason A. Maas, November 14th

Jason A. Maas, November 9th

Jason A. Maas, Occupy Oakland

Jason A. Maas, Mounted Patrol

Jason A. Maas, Cavalry