Insanely Trippy Watercolor and Ferrofluid Photos


While they might look like a series of undiscovered artworks by Keith Haring, what you’re actually looking at are photographs of incredible, technicolor structures about the size of your thumbnail; the product of magnetic fields, not mind-altering substances, these psychedelic images were created by Fabian Oefner for his Millefiori project. “A couple of months ago, I saw a video of the Japanese artist Sachiko Kodama, which caught my attention,” he recently explained to It’s Nice That. “In this video the artist used ferrofluids to create amazing looking sculptures. So I decided to start experimenting with this peculiar liquid and eventually found out, that mixing it with watercolors creates these strange brain-like structures.” Click through to get a better look, and head over to Behance to check out more of this award-winning Swiss photographer’s interesting work — projects involving bursting bubbles, soda cans, and balloons!