On Flavorpill: Events Today in NYC, SF, LA, and CHI


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If you’re in New York: For its eighth Monthly Dinner, Monkey Town serves up one of the most chewed-over films in history — Last Year at Marienbad (1961) — alongside six chateau-worthy courses taken from Auguste Escoffier’s famous cookbook.

• If you’re in Los Angeles: La Luz de Jesus memorializes Gidget Gein with a major retrospective of his pop culture-infused surrealist exploitation, honoring the twisted yet provocative work of “the Brian Jones of our generation.”

• If you’re in San Francisco: Whether you’re an adherent of the Abiding Church of the Dude or just the average lover of bowling and White Russians, you mustn’t miss this year’s Lebowski Fest.

If you’re in Chicago: William Friedkin’s fact-based classic The French Connection still trumps the modern-day, testosterone-drenched cop flick.