Little Wolf Riding Hood and Other Fractured Fairy Tales


This weekend, a deliciously irreverent art show entitled Fractured Fairy Tales opened at WWA Gallery in California’s Culver City. WWA is the sister gallery to the Wonderful World of Animation, it’s no wonder that they curated this particular show, which presents a slightly skewed view of your favorite fairy tales and legends. After all, when will we ever get tired of irreverent retellings of the stories of our childhood? We say probably never. Click through to see a selection of our favorite pieces from the new show, and if you’re in the area, be sure to head on over now through August 11th and check it out!

Little Wolf Riding Hood, Helena Garcia. Courtesy WWA Gallery.

Rip Van Winkle, Joel Trussell. Courtesy WWA Gallery.

Snow White and Rose Red, Bridgette Barriger. Courtesy WWA Gallery.

Hansel and Gretel, Pete Oswald. Courtesy WWA Gallery.

The Snow Queen, Israel Sanchez. Courtesy WWA Gallery.

B & E: Breaking and Eating, Drake Brodahl. Courtesy WWA Gallery.

Hangman’s Tree: Home of the Lost Boys, Becca Stadtlander. Courtesy WWA Gallery.

Snow White and Rose Red, Amanda Kindregan. Courtesy WWA Gallery.

Wolf Grove, Micah Player. Courtesy WWA Gallery.

Cinderella: This Ain’t No Prom, Sadie Figueroa. Courtesy WWA Gallery.