Watch a Fascinating 25-Minute Video Documenting a State Tour of North Korea


“I just went on a state tour of North Korea, one of the first since Kim Jong Un ascended to power, and I made a film about it.” So begins a fascinating Reddit AMA with questions ranging from “Was there anything that you really wanted to see, but that they wouldn’t let you check out?” (answer: “the poor rural areas of the country, but good luck with that”) to “Does [Kim Jong Un] like looking at things just as much as his father did?” (“ohhhhh yes”). But the truly remarkable stuff is in the video, In the Land of Paradise, which finds the travelers bringing flowers to statues of Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung, captures an eerily militaristic musical performance by schoolchildren, and — perhaps most interesting of all — records tour guides’ speeches and propaganda films that give North Korea’s official, misinformation-filled perspective on history. Watch the 25-minute travelogue after the jump.

[via Coudal]