Video of the Day: Bryan Cranston Transforms into Walter White


Do you remember the moment when you realized that the dad from Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad’s cancer-stricken, meth-cooking antihero Walter White were the same guy? Although he doesn’t have horns protruding from his head or even any elaborate facial scars, the criminal mastermind known as Heisenberg looks almost nothing like the real Bryan Cranston. So, what kind of process does the actor undergo to transform into Walt?

In a clip unearthed by Warming Glow, Cranston appears on The After After Party, a local Albuquerque talk show hosted by his cast mate Steven Michael Quezeda (Breaking Bad‘s Steve Gomez), and brings his makeup and hair team with him. In just a few minutes, his head’s shaved, his goatee is secured, and he’s talking about how he lost 16 pounds in ten days to portray a man ravaged by cancer. But the full, chilling transformation doesn’t happen until Cranston — or, rather, Walter White — sits back down on the couch and growls, “Who’s Bryan?” Watch and psych yourself up for Sunday’s Breaking Bad Season 5 premiere after the jump.