Dead Celebrities Reborn in Food


Where do celebrities go when they die? Well, judging by the immense popularity of bizarre edible lookalikes on eBay, an argument can apparently be made for food. What would you do if you found Elvis in your morning bacon? Or George Washington in your McNugget? Or, uh, Admiral Ackbar in your potato? After the jump, we’ve collected photo evidence of several icons whose spirits will live on in museums, the Walk of Fame, and our lunch. Some of these delicious rebirths are clearly a bit more staged than others, but never, ever doubt the power of the sushi King of Pop.

Elvis was reborn as bacon. [Image via]

Marilyn Monroe was reborn as a pizza. [Image via]

Amy Winehouse was reborn as an egg with a driver’s license. [Image via]

George Washington was reborn as a chicken nugget, which sold on eBay for $8100. [Image via]

Abraham Lincoln was also reborn as a nugget. [Image via]

Richard Nixon was reborn as an eggplant. [Image via RJL20]

Michael Jackson was reborn as sushi. [Image via]

Admiral Ackbar (Star Wars) was reborn as a potato. [Image via]