Ben Silverman Leaving NBC to Join Barry Diller


This must be like Christmas for our friends at Vulture: They’re reporting (and the New York Times is confirming) that their longtime nemesis (the co-chairman of NBC Universal Entertainment) Ben Silverman is leaving NBC to start a new venture with Barry Diller. According to Ryan Seacrest, who first tweeted the news, “This means better shows from our favorite stars in U.S. and around the world…I think this means household names our favorite stars will get involved. Putting. The power in ur hands to watch anything anywhere anytime.”

Silverman’s previous company Reveille, is responsible for The Office and The Biggest Loser; he was also very involved with Jay Leno’s upcoming prime time show. Vulture reports that Seacrest is Silverman’s his first hire, which explains the scoop. Silverman has likened the new company to “Warner Bros. meets BBDO.”

According to Gawker’s Richard Lawson, this is bad news for Silverman’s career: “His departure is being spun as a resignation, but it looks a lot like Silverman was pushed. His two-year contract recently expired and the gig that he has lined up — running something for Barry Diller’s IAC — sounds like deal slapped together in a hurry.” What do you think?