I Dream Books: A Rotten Tomatoes for Literature


Pretty much everyone we know relies on Rotten Tomatoes when deciding which movie to see, but what to do when you’re on the hunt for your next novel? Sure, you could just read whatever your best friend is reading, or pick up whatever’s on the front page of the New York Times Book Review, but for those who want a broader perspective, we suggest I Dream Books, a Rotten Tomatoes-like review aggregator that just launched this morning. Just like Rotten Tomatoes, I Dream Books collects reviews from both “professional publications and individual critics” and assigns a numerical value to those reviews, eventually coming up with a score somewhere between “Must Read” and “Don’t Read” (indicated by happy or sad little clouds), in hopes of offering readers an easy way to see what a wide range of critics are saying. Readers can also see choice quotes from the reviews used to calculate the score. So far, we think the site looks incredibly promising, though they could use a few more critical opinions on each book (but hey, they’re just starting out). What do you think — will you head over to I Dream Books to pick your next read?