Seductive Furniture Designed for People in Love


Summer is a time for lovers, and if the broiling heat and sultry thunderstorms aren’t enough to remind you that the seductive season is raging full force, we thought we’d add fuel to your fiery inner furnace by rounding up furniture to invite a kiss. Christopher Marlowe — English poet, spy, brawler, magician, and the real genius behind the prose of Shakespeare — is fittingly the author of one of the greatest love poems of all time, “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”. Before his untimely death, Marlowe blissfully penned: “Come live with me and be my love / And we will all the pleasures prove / That valleys, groves, hills, and fields / Woods or steepy mountain yields… And I will make thee beds of roses / And a thousand fragrant posies / A cap of flowers, and a kirtle / Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle…”

Because we’re not living in the Elizabethan era and our sweetheart’s poetic quips are more inspired by Drake, or if we’re lucky, Victoria Legrand, than titillating, well-educated dramatists, we’re here to help you write your own modern-day love story with a little help from our latest design fetish: furniture for lovers. From a make-out chamber for lovers to a hot-lipped sofa for two, click through to check out the very best of design for people in love — or at least very much in like.

Bocca Lips Sofa by Studio 65 (top) and Salvador Dalí

Image credit: Do You Love Design?!; Liz Thayer

According to a brief history of this iconic design, the original Bocca Sofa was designed by Salvador Dalí. Based on the lips of Mae West, it was but one piece he created for an entire room that represented her body. This updated version was created by Studio 65 back in the early ’70s as a tribute to Dalí, and is inspired by the ruby red lips of Ms. Marilyn Monroe.

Hug Chair by Ilian Milinov

Image credit: The Amazing Page

This genius chair by Bulgarian furniture designer Ilian Milinov lets your girlfriend (or boyfriend) sit on your lap without your leg falling asleep 10 minutes later. His website adds that, “if you don’t have a girlfriend, you can put your laptop on the chair.” Man, that’s depressing.

Sway Rocking Chair by Markus Krauss

Image credit: Carolin Müller via Markus Krauss Design

A rocking chair big enough for two!

Lovers in the Air by Victor Aleman

Image credit: COROFLOT

Hole up with your lover in this suspended, heart-shaped, better-than-a-hammock cuddle pod.

Sweetheart Lovers’ Chair by Paul Sandip and Suhasini Paul

Image credit: Kanika Gupta via Differential Design

This flirtatious chair was created by a husband and wife design duo based in Dehli. As the husband’s bio explains, he likes “exploring forms with fantasy.” His award-winning design for a chair that helps you meet your mate is any man or woman’s greatest fantasy, no?

Occasional Loveseat by Chris Held

Image credit: JUNKCULTURE

If you ever have to sit on the most uncomfortable chair in the world, remember that misery loves company.

Cashmere Lovers Chair

Image credit: Mood for Mod

What’s better than a cashmere chair? A cashmere chair for two.

Cuddle Mattress

Image credit: Incredible Things; Morgaine LeFay

Solving many a lover’s quarrel, the cuddle mattress provides a place for pesky arms that have nowhere to go mid-snuggle.

Curb Couch for Lovers Who Never Agree by Karlijn Kuipers

Image credit: Karlijn Kuipers via Co.Design

It’s the age old story of two people in love: he wants something firm; she wants something soft and pillowy. The Curb Couch presents the perfect solution. It’s two sofas in one! One side is stiff, and the other is a giant poof made out of layers of wool, cotton, and horsehair.

Make-Out Pod by Nacho Carbonell

Image credit: io9

As Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell explains, “the lovers seat provides a private make-out chamber for tentacled aliens who don’t want to freak out passersby when they kiss.” Or, for exhibitionist design lovers who occasionally want some time alone.

AJ Double Chair by Makemei

Image credit: materialicious

For a face-to-face sitdown with your lover.

Swingers Chair by Neulhae Cho

Image credit: I New Idea

Not exactly what the name implies, this fun bench does double duty as a seesaw. Made for two people, the designer’s aim is “to make people smile more and get closer to each other as much as possible.” The chances of getting a date with the person sitting next to you on a bench? Slim to none. The chances of getting a date with the person sitting next to you on a seesaw bench? 100% guaranteed.

Multifunction Bed for Lovers by Chris & Ruby

Image credit: DesignRulz

A multifunctional design for all your bedroom behaviors.

Moebius Double Armchair by Gaëtan Van de Wyer

Image credit: Onyx Furniture

If you can’t even bear sitting in separate loungers, this double wicker chair has your names all over it.

Acapulco Chair for Two by Pedro Reyes

Image credit: Sweet Little Game

The coolest pink chair for two we’ve ever seen.