On Flavorpill: Events Today in NYC, SF, LA, and CHI


We’re back with your daily reminder of cool events happening tonight across the Flavorpillaverse. So now you have no excuse for staying in tonight. If you’d rather have this information delivered straight to your inbox each Tuesday, sign up for our Flavorpill City Guides.

If you’re in New York: Film Forum reminds New York cineastes why Nick Ray merited that famed bouquet from Godard (“le cinéma, c’est Nicholas Ray”) with 14 films over the next two weeks.

If you’re in LA: Head down to Pershing Square and check out Lights on LA, an exhibition of light bulbs decorated by various artists to help remind us all why we need art. Bonus: the exhibit has been timed to coincide with the summer outdoor concert series.

If you’re in San Francisco: Take a gander at Fernando Eimbcke’s Lake Tahoe, playing this week at Sundance Kabuki Cinema. Anything that’s earned a comparison to Jarmush is definitely worth the price of admission.

If you’re in Chicago: Performed in tribute to Barbara Tiao, the late founder of the Chinese Fine Arts Society In Tribute: A Chinese Voyage features contributions from Chicago violinist (and member of thrash-metal band Earthen Grave) Rachel Barton Pine, longtime CSO clarinetist John Bruce Yeh, erhu artist Betti Xiang and percussion ensemble Cheng Da Drumming Team.