Peek Inside 10 of TV’s Most Famous Writers’ Rooms


If you’re anything like us, you sometimes have trouble coming to terms with the fact that your favorite TV shows’ characters and plot lines were nothing until a group of writerly folks sat around a big table and wrote them into existence. It’s like — Ron Swanson is a real person, you know? That being said, writers’ rooms are where the magic happens, so we’re always eager to sneak peeks inside such sacred creative quarters. Inspired (and ever so excited) by Ron Howard’s recently tweeted photo of the new Arrested Development writers’ room, we’ve gathered photos and videos of other popular TV shows’ writing hubs after the jump.

Arrested Development [via]

Lost [via]

Bones [via]

Glee [via]

Veronica Mars [via]

Parks and Recreation

Breaking Bad

House [via]

Workaholics [via]

“Remedial Chaos” board in Community writers’ room [via]