Photo Gallery: Trapeze Acts and Naked Bowling at City Chase NYC


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This past Saturday, Flavorpill took part in the 2009 NYC leg of City Chase, a citywide obstacle course and race that combines mental, physical, and just plain embarrassing challenges, all designed to take you “out of your comfort zone.” Over the course of six hours, we rode unicycles, shot arrows, swung upside down from a trapeze, and stripped naked in a bowling alley. (Not to mention spending an extended amount of time in the Museum of Sex.) We may not have come close to actually winning the race, but we did bring a photographer along for the whole ride to show off our best efforts.

City Chase takes place annually in locations around the world, with US cities including Chicago, San Diego, Philadelphia, and New York. The winner of each event goes on to the national finals, which sees them undertaking far more grueling tasks. National competitions last for 36 hours straight, with last year’s challenges including skydiving and alligator wrestling. After that is the international finals, which we imagine requires David Blaine levels of endurance to complete.

To sign up for upcoming City Chase events, visit the event’s website and register your team of two. Note: be prepared for just about anything. We met someone who ate a live grasshopper last year, and we were on our way to a boxing gym when we ran out of time. Our advice? Don’t think about it, just do it.

Team Flavorpill: Doug Levy and Lindsay Liu Photos: Jeff Soo