‘Breaking Bad’: This Week’s 5 Biggest Walter White WTF Moments


Although individual episodes are sure to keep us guessing, we know what to expect from Breaking Bad’s finale season: Walter White, having killed Gus Fring, finally seizes the power he’s wanted so badly for so long. As creator Vince Gilligan has said, Walt is transforming from embattled hero into full-blooded villain, and these final 16 episodes are sure to make last year’s bomb-planting and kid-poisoning look tame. Since we spent the Season 5 premiere drinking blue cocktails and doing spit-takes over Walt’s ridiculous, audacious, and often reckless swagger, we’ve decided that this year we’ll be rounding up each episode’s biggest Walter White WTF moments. The top five for this week, which featured Jesse (who is almost definitely a Juggalo) marveling over the power of magnets and Saul reaching his ethical limit, are after the jump.

1. Against all logic, Walter turns up the electromagnet to 11 and tips over the Uhaul, forcing himself and Jesse to leave it parked next to the police station. The excessive magnetic power may also be responsible for breaking Gus’ picture frame to reveal some Swiss bank account numbers — which could conceivably be very bad news for Walt and Jesse.

2. In confronting Saul about helping Skyler intimidate Ted into paying his taxes — and, in the process, spending the money intended for the Whites’ last-ditch disappearance and landing Ted in the hospital — Walter acts like he’s somehow ethically superior to the lawyer. This, despite the fact that Saul never fully grasped the implications of his instructions to have Brock poisoned and is now rather uncomfortable that a little boy nearly died because of him. That’s when Saul tries to extricate himself from Walt’s mess entirely and finds out that his troubles have just begun. “You and me, we’re done!” says Saul. “We’re done when I say we’re done,” Walt growls. Of course, now we know that Saul has the poisoning to hold over Walt, and it seems like just a matter of time until Jesse learns what really happened.

3. Walter stashes all of his bomb-making stuff, along with the plant that poisoned Brock, under the floorboards of his house — and doesn’t even bother to seal off his hiding place.

4. Walt to Skyler: “I forgive you.” Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

5. When Mike questions Walt about what happened with the magnet and the Uhaul, our hero replies that it worked “because I say so.” Sometimes, aside from being an entirely selfish and amoral criminal, he just comes across as the world’s most condescending and infuriating parent. Da-ad, why you gotta be like that?