Matt Damon Would Like to Return to the ‘Bourne’ Franchise


As fantastic as the trailer for The Bourne Legacy looks, and as excited as we are to see Tony Gilroy (who wrote/co-wrote all three of the original Bourne films) in the director’s chair for a change, and as much as we adore Jeremy Renner, we can’t help but find the idea of the Jason Bourne series without Jason Bourne kind of incomprehensible. Luckily, we’ve just heard some good news! The Playlist reports that Matt Damon is open to the idea of returning to the franchise — as long as the script feels right.

“I really want to do another one and I think Paul Greengrass does too,” he told ComingSoon, “But I think it’s the same question we’ve had after each one. If we really feel we can do it and that it will deserve to live with the other three that we did. If we can make one where we go into it feeling it can be even better than those, and it ends up being in that same ballpark, then we should do it. But if we can’t, then we really should leave it alone.” How excited would you be to see Damon return to this role — especially if they found a clever way to work Renner’s character, Aaron Cross, into the storyline too? [Main image via]