Would You Drink IKEA Beer?


IKEA is a way of life, at least for young city dwellers with well-developed design aesthetics and small home decor budgets. We buy their cheap couches, we sleep on their cheap (yet surprisingly not-awful) mattresses, we trick out our kitchens with their cheap and handy space-saving storage devices, we eat the tiny Swedish meatballs in their cheap cafeterias, and we bring home their cheap salty liquorice gummies to amuse and revolt our friends. And now PSFK informs us that we can now enjoy their cheap beer, too — those of us in the UK, that is. Called Öl Mörk Lager (“Dark Lager Beer”), it costs £1.75 ($2.74) per 12-ounce bottle, which may be a great deal in Britain but doesn’t exactly compare to a $25 bookshelf here in the US. The flower design on the label sure is cute, though. So, readers, are you curious enough to try beer brewed by the people who made your futon?