The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Duly noted: If you turn off Bruce Springsteen’s mic during a big show in London — particularly if it’s just as Sir Paul McCartney is about to join him on stage for a duet — he will, quite understandably, make serious fun of you when he plays the following evening in Dublin. [via BBC]

2. Malia and Sasha Obama shopping for books at the Strand is adorable, but the First Daughters purchasing a copy of Albert CamusExile and the Kingdom is almost more than we can take! Which of the two do you peg as the budding existentialist? [via People]

3. Peter Morgan, the same man who penned Academy Award-nominated, politically-charged screenplays about Queen Elizabeth, Idi Amin, and Richard Nixon, is in talks to write a new film based on Hugh Hefner’s life story. Sigh. [via Vulture]

4. From Katniss to Peter Pan: Hunger Games director Gary Ross is in talks to direct Disney’s film adaptation of Peter and the Starcatchers; the multiple Tony-winning play is based on Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson’s children’s novel, a prequel of sorts to the classic tale of the boy who could fly. [via THR]

5. Does anyone else find it strange that a new Playstation game features three new songs from Beck? Or is that just the world we live in? [via Pitchfork]

Bonus Buzz: Here’s a Supercut of Mr. Wizard Being a Jerk