Wanted: Dorothy’s Fantastic Film Map


Confused about how to get from Lost Highway to the Valley of the Dolls without having to cut through Jurassic Park? Never fear — the brilliant creative collective known as Dorothy, whose incredible song map we posted on last year, is back with a film-inspired print that’s every bit as entertaining. Loosely based on a vintage Los Angeles street map, their design features over 900 different titles — and even has a special “Red Light” district for those cinephiles dedicated to films of a saucier variety. There’s also a helpful key that identifies all of the movies included, along with their release dates and directors. In other words, this map is a conversation piece guaranteed to keep any film lover entranced and pleasantly reminiscing for at least a few good hours. Click through to get a better look at the goods, and head over to Dorothy to pick up a signed, limited-edition print!

[via Creative Review]